Our History

The idea of forming a QESOSA in
Ontario, Canada was first discussed
in the late sixties when about twenty
QES old students held a summer
picnic together in Toronto. At that
time, most of them were still
'students studying in Canada' and
others were busy settling down.
However, the intention was planted
deep inside everyone's heart.

In June 1989, Mr. Hinton made his
first visit to Canada. A very
successful dinner gathering was
held in his honour at Ontario Place's
Trillium Restaurant. It was attended
by close to 100 people, including
teachers, old students and families
from all over North America. During
Mr. Hinton's visit, the idea of forming
a QESOSA (Ontario) was, once
again, contemplated. This time, it

During a dinner gathering in late
1989 (winter), a bunch of
enthusiastic QES grads, calling
themselves volunteers, formed the
QESOSA Ontario Chapter, which
slowly evolves into the Association
as you know now.

Kudos to all these ladies and
gentlemen who have exercised the
true spirit of QES - "VOS PARATE
Our Objectives

- To promote friendship and
co-operation amongst past
students of Queen Elizabeth
School, Hong Kong.

- To establish closer relationship
between members of the
Association, the School and the
existing students thereof.

- To establish a network with all
other Queen Elizabeth School Old
Students' Associations.

- To advance and promote
education, and to contribute to
funds from whence activities for
the benefit of education may be

- To promote and sponsor
intellectual, cultural and charitable
activities among the membership
and Chinese Canadians.
Our Board of Directors (2018)

James Tang (61)

Vice President
Erica Fong (81)

Michael Ngai (68)

Roger Kwan (78)

George Wong (65)

Chan Chi-Hung (65)

WhatsApp Coordinators
Chan Chi-Hung (65)
Daniel Chow (70)

Committee Members
Nancy Tang (65)
Jerry Liu (68)
Yvonne Chiu (73)
Karen Kwok (93)

Form Contacts

56,58,59    James Chan
57               Ip Moon Lam
60,61,62    Henry Lee
63,64         Leung Yat-To
65              Theresa Leung
66,67,68    Donald Yan
69,71,72    Agnes Tang
70              Tam Ka-Chuen
73              Joanna Lee, Yvonne Chiu
78             Roger Kwan
90s           Karen Kwok
QESOSA Ontario
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